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Jan. 26, 2008: Shooting suspect describes hostile divorce

Jan. 26, 2008
Stacey Objartel gets a hug from a friend, Nick Griffin, after Stacey and her mother Debbie Pierce, right, picked up Stacey’s son Cole, 2, Friday afternoon soon after a shooting at Bobbie Noonan’s Child Care in Cape Coral. “Cole was in the room where it happened,” Stacey said as she wept. / Terry Allen Williams/
Dunn • arrested in the shooting /


The counselors and advocates will be available at noon in the community room of the police department, 815 Nicholas Parkway for anyone who may need someone to talk with.

If any adult or child needs to talk with anyone, they can also contact their family physician or a mental health professional as they may be suffering post traumatic stress.

Symptoms may come on suddenly. They include the following:
• not sleeping well

• loss of appetite

• changes in behavior

• depression or sadness

According to Cape Coral police, staff members at Bobby Noonan’s Child Care will contact them over the weekend to discuss plans for the upcoming school week.


A man forced his way into a bathroom at a Cape Coral day care center Friday before allegedly shooting his wife in front of toddlers, according to Cape Coral Police.

New information released about a fatal shooting Friday at Bobbie Noonan’s Child Care alleges Robert Harold Dunn, 44, climbed the fence in back of the center and moved past other adults in the building as he hunted down his estranged wife Christine Marie Lozier Dunn, 36.

Witnesses say Robert Dunn found Christine Dunn, a teacher at the school, hiding in a bathroom with her class, according to a report by Cape Coral police Detective Kurtis Grau.

Robert Dunn was denied bond Saturday and remains in the Lee County Jail on a charge of first-degree murder.

The first reports of an armed man near the center came in around 4:40 p.m., police said. A parent told police Robert Dunn had been fumbling with the digital lock on the front door earlier trying to get into the center but appeared not to know the entry code, a police report said. After an employee reported seeing a man fire a shotgun in the parking lot of the center, teachers put the school on lockdown.

An 11-year-old living near the center told police he saw the suspect behind the center loading his gun, but by the time the child was able to notify his parents, shots were going off, according to the report.

An employee at the center said while she was locking doors in the building, Robert Dunn came in through a back door, pointed a shotgun at her and told her to be still. A parent said he began walking the halls shouting “Where is that bitch.” The parent tried to direct the suspect out the front door, but he headed to Christine Dunn’s classroom. The parent followed him there.

After finding Christine Dunn in the bathroom, Robert Dunn shot her twice, the parent told police, before the parent was able to take away the gun and run out the front door.

Police said they arrived about seven minutes after the initial call and were present to hear shots go off, the report said. When police found Robert Dunn, he told officers to shoot him but he was taken into custody without incident.

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Police found Christine Dunn in a pool of blood and dragged her to a hallway to try and revive her as children were evacuated from the building, the report said. When paramedics arrived, Christine Dunn was pronounced dead, apparently from two shots to her chest.

Paramedics attended to at least three children covered in blood, the report said.

After his arrest, Robert Dunn said he recently purchased his gun, filing paperwork earlier in the week and picking up the weapon from a local pawn shop a day before the incident.

Robert Dunn told police he rode his bicycle Friday afternoon from his home at 626 SE 10th Ave. to a bar on SE 47th Terrace.

“He had a gun in his pocket when he rode to the bar,” said police spokeswoman Dyan Lee.

While there, he said he drank shots and mixed drinks, he told police. Then he rode a bus to the intersection of Skyline Boulevard and Cape Coral Parkway and walked to Bobbie Noonan’s.

Robert Dunn told police he recalled climbing the fence at Bobbie Noonan’s and seeing his estranged wife inside the center as he walked the halls, but had no recollection of shooting her, the report said.

While at the Cape Coral Police station, Robert Dunn blamed attorneys and his pending divorce for the shooting, according to the report.

He said he had left Christine Dunn five months before the shooting. Court records show she filed for divorce on Oct. 1. Eleven days later she filed a domestic violence injunction and child custody affidavit.

The injunction was dismissed, and the estranged couple have been in mediation about child support and divorce terms.

Robert Dunn described hostile divorce proceedings to police, saying his wife had vowed to take everything from him and have him removed from home. He had been awarded supervised visitation with their 2-year-old daughter Allison, but said his wife was fighting a request for unsupervised visits.

Served financial disclosure papers this week, Robert Dunn said he snapped. He told police he intended to hurt Christine Dunn and kill himself, the report said.

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While he called her vulgar names during his interview, the suspect said Christine Dunn probably did not deserve what happened to her, the report said.

Officials at Bobbie Noonan’s said the problems between the Dunns have been ongoing. For a time, the center had to be put on lockdown daily to prevent Robert Dunn from getting near the children, according to the police report. When police found Christine Dunn’s purse at the shooting scene, it contained papers and ledgers recording stalkings and problems with Robert Dunn.

According to a marriage license, the Dunns married in February 2004 at Cape Coral First United Methodist Church.

Reports show Robert Dunn was working in pool maintenance. Christine Dunn had been a teacher at Bobbie Noonan’s for eight years. Police said their daughter was a student at the center as well.

Family members for Christine Dunn declined to comment about the relationship or the death, and relatives of Robert Dunn could not be reached.

Jim Waitekus, a neighbor of Robert Dunn’s mother Carole, said they had not heard the family had any problems.

“You mix divorces and people who have been drinking, they are just not in their right mind,” Waitekus said.

Neighbors said Dunn’s mother had not been seen at her home since the shooting.

At the home of Christine Dunn’s parents, a woman answered the door and said Allison was being taken care of.

Reached by phone, father Thomas Lozier said no statement is being released by family as of now.

Shooter at day care said to have been drinking

A day after purchasing a gun at a local pawn shop, Cape Coral Police say a man rode his bike to a bar and drank heavily before climbing the wall of a day care center and shooting his wife in front of students.

New details in an investigation of a Friday shooting indicate Robert Dunn, 43, may have been intoxicated before allegedly killing estranged wife Christine Lozier.

Dunn was denied bond this morning and remains at the Lee County Jail on charges of first-degree murder.

Lozier was found shot to death at Bobbie Noonan’s Child Care, where she worked as a teacher and where her daughter by Dunn attended.

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After being arrested, Dunn told police he had filed paperwork to buy a gun from a local pawn shop early in the week. He picked up the gun on Thursday and purchased ammunition while he was there, according to reports.

On Friday afternoon, he rode his bicycle to a bar and had several shots and mixed drinks before taking a bus to the corner of Skyline Boulevard and Cape Coral Parkway, then walking to Bobbie Noonan’s on foot, authorities said.

Police say reports of a strange man walking around the facility came in around 4:40 p.m. During one of the calls, the caller reported the man had started shooting.

Dunn told police he recalled climbing the fence at Bobbie Noonan’s and recalls seeing Lozier as he walked the halls, but had no recollection of shooting her, authorities said.

From Saturday's editions of The News-Press

By Rachel Myers

Multiple gunshots rang out Friday afternoon in a Cape Coral day care center, leaving one teacher dead, several children blood-spattered and the suspected gunman in custody.

“I can’t stop shaking,” said Julie Deems, whose two young boys attend Bobbie Noonan’s Child Care on Cape Coral Parkway. “I’m sick to my stomach. I just keep thinking it didn’t really happen.”

Cape Coral police say the estranged husband of teacher Christine Lozier, 36, reportedly stormed in through the back of the day care, pulled out a handgun and fired multiple rounds in the front hallway.

Lozier, of Cape Coral, was killed.

Cape Coral police have arrested and charged Robert Harold Dunn, 44, with first-degree murder.

Lozier had filed for divorce in October, according to Lee County Clerk of Court documents.

No children were hurt or shot. Police say there were unconfirmed reports that Lozier shielded several children with her body when she was shot.

Lozier and Dunn had a child together — a toddler — who was in the building at the time of the shooting. It’s not clear, though, whether she was in the room when her mother was killed. The child has since been taken by Lozier’s parents, who also live in Cape Coral, police said. No one answered the door of their home Friday night.

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Officers arrived at Bobbie Noonan’s Child Care, at 1217 Cape Coral Parkway West, within seven minutes of the initial call.

It’s not clear how many children were at the day care, which accepts pre-schoolers and kindergartners. The building has a capacity for 195 people.

Teachers rushed the children into bathrooms and nearby classrooms to keep them safe.

“Last time we were in there, we saw a monster,” Jasmine Morano, 3, said referring to the her last minutes in the day care as the gunman fired. “We went into the bathroom. The teacher was saying, ‘Be quiet.’”

Huddled together on the bathroom floor, she said the teacher softly sang, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to her and the other children.

When asked how she felt, she answered, “scared” as she hugged her mother.
Three children who were near Lozier when she was killed and splattered with blood were treated by emergency medical personnel, police said.

“She was the nicest and sweetest woman,” Deems said. “She loved her job, and I can’t believe she’s gone. Now we just have to pray for her little girl.”

Police continue to investigate the motive for the attack.

Traffic on Cape Coral Parkway between Skyline and Chiquita boulevards was diverted for at least two hours as anxious parents rushed to the center to pick up their children.

“It’s disgusting what the world is coming to when this happens at a kindergarten,” Sarah Morano said as Jasmine clung to her neck even tighter. “Getting that phone call was like nothing you could even imagine.”

“It’s terrible when you think someone could walk in there with little kids everywhere and do this,” Morano said. “It’s one of your greatest fears come true.”

Sarah’s father, Fred Tavangar, arrived to pick Jasmine up just after police were called.

“I got to the front door, and the lady is like, ‘Hurry up. Get in. Get down. This guy has a gun,’” Tavangar recalled, his voice quivering and his eyes watering.

“I get in, and I see the guy has a gun. One of the other teachers tried to jump on him to stop him, but he just tossed her to the side. He was like a crazy person — like in his eyes. Then we heard the gunshots.”

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Cape Coral Deputy Police Chief Jay Murphy said toxicology results weren’t immediately available.

“He was ... yelling, but you couldn’t really understand what he was saying,” Tavangar said. “I just kept praying, ‘Please let my little girl be all right.’”

When the gunfire stopped, Tavangar’s heart was pounding as he scrambled to find little Jasmine, who was huddled in a bathroom with several other children and another teacher.

“I picked up my beautiful little granddaughter, and I just held her,” he said. “I just held her and told her it was going to be all right.”

Outside the day care, just before the shooting occurred, brothers Jacob and Chazz Velez, ages 9 and 10, respectively, spotted the gunman, later identified as Dunn. He was trying to climb over a 6-foot white fence in their backyard, which is on Southeast 47th Terrace next to the day care. They said they saw him load a gun. He gave up and began walking around the side, the brothers said.

“We were scared,” Jacob Velez said. “We weren’t really sure what he was going to do.”

Then they heard the gunshots.

Their mother, Natalie Gulinello, was stunned.

“This is too close for comfort,” she said. “This is my own backyard. This is Cape Coral. These things aren’t supposed to happen here.”

And normally, they don’t. Murphy said it is the first time a shooting has ever happened at a day care in Cape Coral.

“It’s something you always hope and pray doesn’t happen,” he said. “It’s a tragedy.”

Sue and Phil Deems, whose granddaughters Brooke and Bailey Williams attend the day care, said they heard about the shooting on the radio. They rushed to the school and learned their son, the girls’ father, had been in the center at the time of the shooting.

“This is the greatest day care in the world,” said Sue Deems. “We are just crushed that one of those people now is gone.”

Many children, it seemed, were too young to grasp what had happened. And maybe, their families say, that is a blessing.

“I just can’t believe something like this happened here,” said Jasmine’s father, John Morano. “That was my first thought after, ‘Is my daughter OK?’ It was, ‘How could this happen in Cape Coral?’ I just hope she doesn’t remember it when she gets older.”

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