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Friday's letters to the editor

Oct. 4, 2012

Credibility at stake

One sure way to save Lee County $15,000 for a public relations firm to fix a deceitful mess created by Lee County Manager Karen Hawes is simply to resign over her poor handling of Medstar and VR Labs.

Hawes is quoted, “I wish I could go back to that day and understand what they were talking about,” regarding her staffers telling Hawes about the plan to publicly claim the medical flight program was suspended to seek a voluntary accreditation.

As the boss, Hawes has to understand the issues or ask questions until she does. If Hawes did not know what was wrong, she should have. If she knew and did nothing to report the issues, she should have reported the findings to the commissioners. Either way, her overall credibility is zero. Either resign or be fired.

J. Michael Hand, Fort Myers

Invisible scam

Congratulations to the Lee County Commission: You have just been scammed by the VR Labs out of $5 million and you’re not even aware of it!

Homer F. Bruneau, Fort Myers

Here's your sign

With some of the millions of our tax dollars that the local government spent on electronic signs dangling over our roads, telling us to “stay alert” they should have installed an electronic “alert” sign at the intersection of Boy Scout Drive and Summerlin Road that tells drivers, “Yes, you can turn right on red.”

I live near this corner, and I’m constantly hearing honking horns from exasperated drivers because the motorist in front of them is intimidated by the red arrow, and they don’t see the metal “right-on-red” sign stuck in the ground next to them.

An electronic right-on-red sign would have been worth paying for.

R. T. Becker, Fort Myers

What a deal

The NAACP owed the city of Fort Myers $7,800 for over 12 years and settles for $5,000.

Your article from Oct. 2 goes on to say that the same Lee County NAACP branch “was mired in controversy over an $11,000 debt from 1995 to the city for the same event, also at Harborside. Much of that money eventually was paid by the state NAACP.” How much is much?

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The article also states that the local branch received $15,000 in donations this year from local companies. Why did they not pay the entire bill, including interest?

Anyone wishing to rent Harborside for an event should contact NAACP for a real good deal with extended and discounted payment terms.

Richard A. West, Cape Coral

Funds misused

Re: “Lee County NAACP makes good on old bill,” Oct. 2. This story says that the Lee County School District donated $1,500 to pay for a banquet in September. The Lee County School District is solely supported by our tax dollars — either by local property taxes or by federal and state grants — also our tax dollars.

By what authority, then, does the school district “donate” our tax dollars to “charitable” enterprises such as the NAACP? Is there a line item in the school district’s budget for “charitable contributions?” How about assigning one of your investigative reporters to this “misuse of public funds?”

Richard T. Nelson, Fort Myers

Tired of violence

What is wrong in this community; 19 homicides in Fort Myers this year? I personally know five victims of violent crime and I am mad. Law enforcement, step it up.

People of the community, wake up. Stop the violence. Aren’t you tired of the stigma related to even driving through certain areas of town? Turn the corner, people. If you have a teen with a gun, take the damn thing and give it to a cop. Call a cop to come get it if you are afraid. These victims all have families that are never going to be the same.

Kathy Wilson, Cape Coral

Problem: No jobs

Those who believe that law enforcement is the road to serenity in the city of Fort Myers are seriously misguided. Passing more laws to enforce diverts responsibility for the violent crime problem and avoids any real meaningful solution.

Poverty and the long-term absence of meaningful employment in the city of Fort Myers and Lee County in general are the source of the city’s trouble.

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Tourism offers dead-end jobs and will not change the economic outlook for this community. Never has, never will.

John Ward, Fort Myers

No more real fun

The death of Andy Williams brings to a close another chapter in our history of real entertainment. His variety shows, especially the annual Christmas production, were unsurpassed. But Williams is but one of many that have gone before him; Milton Berle, Jackie Gleason, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Dean Martin, just to name a few, provided us with wholesome, clean entertainment for many years.

Today, there are no others to take their place. All we get now are so-called “reality shows” that are nothing about reality. The comedians these days seem to think they have to lace their routines with four letter words in order to be funny. (Bill Cosby is an exception).

We are bombarded with crime scene investigations from all parts of the country with shootings and murders. Most of the movies today are crime related with bombings and explosions all over the screen. And I still cannot figure out why rap is called music.

I know we are in a different generation now with different values and tastes of which I will probably never become accustomed. For me, I wish we could bring back the clowns.

H. L. Wooten, Fort Myers

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