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Suspect in Cape Coral police shooting member of 'KGB' gang

Apr. 18, 2011
Suspect Yousel Lopez Rivera; Officer David Wagoner


Police said Rivera is a member of a gang called Krazy Getdown Boys.

The gang’s colors are purple and white. It’s symbols include a sword, a shield and a six point star.

KGB is a Chicago gang that started out as a party crew, said George Knox, executive director of the National Gang Crime Research Center in Peotone,IL. The group has followed gang activity and collected information about gangs since 1990.

“The KGB probably are a "transplant" gang,” Knox said.

A relative probably relocated to Southwest Florida, Knox said.

“Gangs do look for "fresh areas to operate" or areas that are unprotected, not yet target hardened against gangs. Gangs also flourish in cities where there is a policy of gang denial.,” Knox said.

“I am not aware of KGB violence against a police officer, but any gang has that capability,” Knox said. “Gangs, no matter what the name, no matter what the colors they represent, all tend to attract persons with a predisposition towards violence.”

12:40 p.m.

New details are emerging about what happened early Saturday morning, when a gang member reportedly fired three shots at a Cape Coral Police officer during a traffic stop.

Police have reported that Yousel Lopez Rivera, 20, a passenger in the car, shot Officer David Wagoner three times at point blank range, causing life-threatening injuries. Wagoner, a husband and father of three, is expected to make a full recovery.

After the shooting, Rivera is reported to have jumped in the driver’s seat on top of his girlfriend, and drove the car a short distance before crashing it into a residence. Rivera then fled on foot. His girlfriend and a male occupant of the home were transported to the hospital.

Rivera was later found hiding in a garbage can.

According to the probable cause affidavit obtained by The News-Press this morning, Rivera shed his clothing before taking cover in a garbage can. Officers later found a trail of purple shorts, a purple belt, a black t-shirt and black sneakers leading to his location in a trash bin on NW Juanita Place.

Detective Christy Jo Ellis reported that when Rivera was discovered in the trash can and tried to flee, a K9 officer chased after the naked Rivera, who tried to break free by punching and kicking at the dog. He was eventually overpowered and caught.

Once handcuffed and in the back of the cruiser, Rivera tried to wedge his head in between the seat cushions. He was immediately taken out and transported by EMS to Cape Coral Hospital for minor injuries sustained from the crash and the dog. He was treated and then released.

Rivera’s girlfriend, identified in the report’s narrative as “A.P.,” later told police she was stunned by what happened.

She said immediately after Rivera fired the shots, he shouted, “I’m not going back!” He then jumped into her lap and took control of the car.

Rivera was released from Lee County Jail last November after being held for two months on charges of assault, marijuana possession, property damage and giving false identification to law enforcement. But those charges were eventually dropped, according to court records.

“A.P. said she kept telling him to ‘Stop!’ and ‘Get off!’ (of her). She said she was scared for her life, she was frightened and she kept begging him to stop. She said they continued to speed away when all of a sudden the car crashed into something, stopping abruptly.”

The girlfriend was knocked unconscious by the crash. When she came to, Rivera was gone.

The tattoos covering Rivera’s body include the phrases, “Death before Dishonor” on his upper right arm, “Cuba Pride” on his back, and on his chest, “Made in Dade,” “God Knows” and a six-point star.

When Wagoner, a four-year veteran of the department, first approached the 2000 Cadillac on the driver’s side around 1 that morning, he asked both occupants for identification. The girl gave hers, but Rivera said he didn’t have any. So while the girl searched for her insurance and registration information, Wagoner walked around to the passenger side.

Without warning, Rivera allegedly fired three or four shots, striking the officer three times, twice in a bullet-proof vest and once just below it.

Wagoner was able to fire a few shots back, though neither Rivera nor his girlfriend were struck as the car sped away. Wagoner then radioed for help and provided a description of the shooter and car.

He was transported by trauma alert to Lee Memorial Hospital, where he underwent surgery for a life-threatening abdominal wound.

Rivera is being held without bond at Lee County Jail on a charge of attempted murder while in certain felony offense.

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