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Ask JLB: Burger basics and beyond

Jul. 9, 2013
The OMG Burger from Burger 21. / The News-Press file photo

I’m on from 7-8 p.m. Thursdays chatting live about food and dining in our tasty little slice of paradise. This week we’re talking Cuban and Latin food – the best places for ropa vieja, mofongo, empanadas, you name it. Tune in Thursday night, and read excerpts from last week’s chat (which was all about burgers) here:

Guest: Favorite burger topping except cheese?

JLB: Pickles, nice and tart ones. They combat burger grease beautifully, I find.

Guest: If you went with a non-traditional meat, what would you choose: venison, pork, elk?

JLB: I love lamb burgers because lamb tends to be nice and fatty (and fat is flavor). If you’re doing something like venison or elk, I’d cut it with fatty pork to get more flavor into it (and so it won’t dry out on you).

Guest: A lot of grocery stores sell frozen burgers. What’s your advice on buying and cooking those?

JLB: Don’t. I don’t trust the frozen pre-formed patties at all. All the “pink slime,” ammoniated beef controversies stem from frozen and prepackaged meats like those. When you see how that meat is “assembled” (from trimmings shipped in from unknown parts of the world) it’s scary. (Stick to freshly ground beef from a trusted butcher.)

To Ask JLB email, tweet @jeanleboeuf on Twitter or submit your queries at Jean Le Boeuf is the nom de plume of a local food lover who dines at The News-Press’ expense.

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