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Goodlanders Jo-B Bromley, left, and 'Miss Fortune,' aka Margi Fortune, survey the early scene last year from approved Goodland street transportation. / Quentin Roux/Sun Times

Spammy Jammy at a glance

Entertainment Saturday, June 28 ó John Lowbridge 6 p.m.; Raiford Starke All Spam Band 9 p.m.; toilet paper races will be held at times to be determined by Mistress of Spamamonies. Spam contest categories: Food, Art, Architecture and Open (uncatagorizable).
Little Bar, 205 Harbor Place, Goodland, phone 394-5663.


Spam, Spam art and artifacts, created in the attempt to thwart extreme weather, particularly hurricanes, have been in use for eons, and these potted meat creations keep getting better.

The simple premise of Saturdayís Spammy Jammy, as handed down to us by a civilized people of an earlier era, and translated through the use of the Spametta Stone of The South, states: Eat Spam; honor Spam; wear pajamas; keep your whistle wet (well maybe it isnít so simple).

The Spam component of this ritual demonstrates the importance of hurricane preparedness. Fully cooked, ready to eat, it can be a real lifesaver in an emergency if the power is out and it is raining too hard to build a fire. Best to enjoy last yearís can during the event, minimizing extreme weather conditions this hurricane season, and be able to keep your new can of Spam in the can until next yearís festivities.

Selection of attire, undoubtedly, is a most important part of this Hurricane Prevention Party, but with perhaps a hazier history. The importance of donning conventional or nonconventional (or even controversial) night clothing, though, cannot be ignored and offers another creative chance within the rigorous framework of the Spam Jam.

All manner of PJs have been observed at the yearly revelry. Flannels, not as rare as one would think in South Florida, are sometimes worn, but can cause an increase in whistle wetting in an attempt to keep one cool. Lighter fabrics such as lace or open weave fishnet allow for a more comfortable experience but may be more difficult to find in our remote area. (I have just learned that slub knickers may be in fashion this season.)

The Spam Jammers, through their culinary and visual exploits, have helped us live and thrive in this wonderful, but strange, area of South Florida. This yearís retrospective celebration of Spam Genius honors all spammers and the enduring power of their Spam creations. Your participation shall surely help to keep South Florida safe.

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